Ryanbuilt Granny Flats.
Like planting money trees in
your own backyard.

You could make up to $23,400 or more per year*

How granny flat investing works?


Purchase a money making
Ryanbuilt Granny Flat for around $215,000.


You may achieve a $450 per week Rental Income
= $23,400 in your pocket

Pay the Mortgage or Loan

Spend it however you want to.

Travel the world

See the sights

Why you should Invest in You?

A massive potential 12.13% yield on your investment*.

A Ryanbuilt granny flat is an investment in you that may have minimal risk and massive returns! You could generate a positive income stream to secure your financial future. With super and the banks at record lows, a Ryanbuilt granny flat investment can generate the returns you have been looking for.

What your investment
could do for you!

Ways you can make your investment work

Better returns than superannuation and safer than the stock market

Investor Scenarios ?

*conditions apply

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Start your investment today!

Ryanbuilt is the trusted local name in building. We’re all about helping you invest in you.
Our Mid North Coast Granny Flats are the perfect solutions to your space or investment needs.